Talon Mobile App

The mobile field officer, whether on foot, bike, boat, mounted, or undercover, needs real-time access to important law enforcement data to make informed split-second decisions.

With the abundance of mobile devices available at a relatively low cost, and Core Technology’s expertise in information sharing, Core Technology has developed a cost-effective, secure, and flexible way for agencies to provide the officer in the field with direct access to law enforcement data – the Talon Mobile App.

Go Mobile
The Talon Mobile App operates on multiple platforms and allows the field officer to perform the most commonly used queries directly from his or her mobile smartphone, tablet, or other wireless smart device.

State-of-the-art security is used to provide access to state and regional databases as well as LEIN, NCIC, and NLETS data. Talon Mobile is compliant with FBI and State CJIS security policy requirements and uses two-factor authentication for end-to-end security and encryption of the information exchange.

Smart Solution
The Talon Mobile app is not tied to a specific mobile device. You have the flexibility and control to compare device vendors and choose the option that works best for your agency’s needs. Core Technology has combined the power of on-demand data sharing with the new mobile technology to bring critical and sensitive information to the field officer when and where it is needed. The Talon Mobile app an ideal solution for undercover officers, drug enforcement officers, and foot, bike, motorcycle, ATV, mounted, marine, or other specialized patrol officers.





















  • Reliable real-time access to state and regional databases (TalonPoints), LEIN, NCIC, and NLETS data, including images
  • Query multiple databases with standard forms: Person, Plate, VIN, Alpha Vehicle, Boats, Articles and Guns
  • Compliant with FBI and State CJIS security policy requirements, uses two-factor authentication


  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Runs on multiple platforms: Android, iOS and Blackberry

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Download Talon Mobile App (requires Google Chrome or Firefox)

iOS: current version 1.2.3
Android: current version 1.2