Terminal Emulation

CTCBridge Enterprise Edition is an enhanced emulation software product that gives you the functionality, control, flexibility, security, expandability, and support that you need for your organization.   Providing full-featured 5250, 3270, T27 and UTS emulation via a Java applet  or installable application, allows organizations to deploy to end-users their choice of emulation delivery, even mixing the deployment methods within their organization.

Provides full-featured T27, UTS, 5250 and 3270 emulation, including function keys, macros, printing, and file transfer.

Installation of the product is done at the server level with MultiBridge Enterprise Edition – no need to install or update client desktops!   Also included is a remote administrator, a user counter, and logging.

Allows deployment to your choice of Java applet or installable application.  Also allows the ability to run multiple terminal types.   Mix and match based on your environment and needs.

Along with industry standard 128-bit SSL and 256-bit TLS encryption, provides computer authentication, standard user/password user authentication, as well as biometric device user authentication.

Annual support covers free toll-free telephone support, web support, and free version updates.