Talon React Access

Core Technology takes the next step in computing technology.  Talon React is built on the next generation development platform.  Combining the power of on-demand data sharing with mobile technology to bring critical information to officers in the field.  Talon React is an ideal solution for in-car, command staff, undercover, drug enforcement officers as well as foot, bike, motorcycle, ATV, mounted, marine, or other specialized patrols. The most commonly used queries operate directly from a MDC, Android™ or iOS mobile smartphone or tablet.

Talon React uses innovative security to provide access to state and regional data sources as well as LEIN, NCIC, and NLETS.  Talon React is compliant with FBI and State CJIS security  policy requirements.

Smart Solution
Because Talon React is not tied to a specific device, you choose the option that best fits your agency’s needs.  Talon React is sold as a named user license, allowing officers to switch between using their MDC to their phone.








New Features

  • Warning notice
  • Query Results are limited to those that MDC and handheld users want
  • View only the required fields
  • More button shows all fields
  • Large Plate field
  • Slider button for Day/Night mode
  • Optional MDM through Core Technology
  • Automatically search Data Sharing records
  • Easily access Search History
  • Designed with the assistance of a Law Enforcement Officer

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