Talon MultiBridge

Talon MultiBridge is the configuration and communications server used to access a variety of host systems, including Michigan’s law enforcement system. Easily configured through MultiBridge Administrator, Talon MultiBridge delivers configuration information to Talon clients, contains information about how a client can connect to the host system, which clients are allowed to connect, and encrypts data between the client and the host system. It also keeps track of the number of client connections, other server statistics, and provides auditing capabilities.

Its Secure Tunnel component provides NCIC 2000 compliant encryption for your client applications, ensuring that sensitive data is secured from prying eyes.

Talon MultiBridge is the hub of all Core Technology’s law enforcement solutions. Regardless of the law enforcement client application you choose to use, Talon MultiBridge allows you to manage and secure your data.

Talon MultiBridge features include:

    • 256-bit data encryption
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Configuring user permissions
    • Supports host access to virtually any host system
    • New features and protocol support can be added as they become available
    • Talon MultiBridge works on any server operating system that supports Java