Talon MDC

Core Technology’s Talon MDC is a modified version of the Talon Desktop, but incorporates all the great features that you need in car and eliminates the features that you don’t need. Created specifically for the patrol officer, Talon has a modified feature set such as support for touch screen, night mode, and car-to-car messaging. Core Technology’s secure criminal justice software solutions help save valuable time, improve officer and public safety, and streamline the justice process by integrating information and presenting useful data so officers can quickly and easily make informed decisions.

Talon MDC:  FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit encryption, Two factor authentication, Local, state and federal data, Driver’s licenses images

Talon MDC with TalonPoint:  Access to real-time data, Query a variety of databases, GJXDM compliant format, Works with existing systems, View driver’s license and mug shot photos

Talon MDC Car-to-Car Messaging:  IM over a secure network, Network may be limited to a single agency or to several agencies in a specific region, When a radio networks are busy or privacy is required, use the IM to share information, Review message history through a logging option at the client and server level