Talon Mail

Core Technology’s Talon client provides a way for law enforcement personnel to securely communicate with other users of the system via a feature called Talon Mail.  Talon Mail is a built-in feature of the Talon client – not a separate program.  It allows users to send messages to other Talon users using a mechanism that has similar functionality to email, but does not use the email protocol.

Security features include:

    • Users can only send messages to other Talon users.
    • Talon Mail is not available to standard email accounts outside of Talon and MultiBridge.
    • Uses 256-bit TLS encryption using the AES standard provided by Phaos SSLava.
    • Phaos AES cryptographic algorithms are FIPS 140-2 validated.
    • All communications are encrypted end-to-end and encryption is always used regardless of the network.
    • A user’s mail cannot be viewed by other users.
    • Since the mail feature is part of Talon, it uses the same multi-factor authentication used for LEIN data and access control that is required  for secure access to law enforcement data.
    • It does not use the email protocol.  Talon Mail uses the same secure communication method that is used by Talon to talk to MultiBridge.