Talon Incident Management System

In response to the growing needs of smaller law enforcement agencies for an affordable, effective incident management solution, Core Technology Corporation has developed Talon Incident Management System (TIMS).

TIMS has all the great features you would expect from an Incident Management System; Incident Reporting, MICR Processing, Ticket Storage, Database Maintenance and Summary Reporting. The added power of Talon provides access to Michigan LEIN and SOS/Driver’s License Images. Incident reports can be entered at the station or in the car, and data from Talon queries can be easily populated into incident fields, saving time and preventing errors.

TIMS is standards-based using GJXDM. Built on Talon®, MultiBridge and Crime Information Database, incident reports integrate seamlessly with information sharing, crime analysis and mapping.

    • Access to LEIN & SOS/ Driver’s License Images
    • Global Justice XML data module
    • Guided forms with auto-save
    • Populate using Talon query data
    • Desktop & mobile capability
    • Ticket editing & storage
    • Person & summary reports;  Incident, Status, Accident, Ticket & Audit
    • Statistical reports
    • MICR processing
    • Evidence/Property module
    • Officer daily
    • Data maintenance independent of incident reporting & ticket modules
    • Optional supervisory review
    • Data conversion