Talon Crime Analysis

Talon Crime Analysis real-time information sharing between multiple agencies at the local, regional, and state levels is a must in today’s criminal justice world. Core Technology’s products expand upon the information sharing concept to solve crimes, find crime trends, and deploy resources at the right place to prevent crimes.

This is accomplished by way of Core Technology’s Crime Analysis product and its two main products, Talon Crime Information Database and Talon Crime Analysis client.

Crime Information Database (CID):

    • CID is generated and updated at the agency
    • Provides a standard approach to crime analysis and mapping
    • Periodically updated with current information from the local RMS
    • Multiple CIDs can be accessed as if one database creating a Virtual Data Warehouse

Crime Analysis Client Tool

    • Analyze patterns for a certain crime class and for a specific time frame
    • The source can be a single agency’s crime information database, a regional virtual data warehouse, or the entire virtual data warehouse for a state.