Talon CAD Connect

For all functions in one mobile application, Core Technology has developed a software interface to allow Talon MDC to communicate with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software applications.

In addition to providing access to LEIN/NCIC, Michigan Driver’s License photos, and data sharing; Talon CAD Connect allows Talon MDC to take calls for service from a  third-party CAD system. The information returned is organized and easy to read; saving valuable time for details to be reviewed and disseminated.

Talon CAD Connect supports third party CAD systems from New World Systems, VisionAIR, Logisys, Motorola  & more. One click returns more critical information to mobile officers – immediately.  One application, one login, one password, supports a variety of wireless options.

Features and Functions

    • Status – Change status and view other units’ status
    • Dispatch – Receive and respond to dispatch notifications
    • Reports – Recall, generate and view CAD reports on incident and unit status
    • Messaging – Send and receive messages from other users