Talon Officer Daily

Talon Officer Daily is a simple application loaded with critical features and functionality. The software provides easy-to-use forms to record time and activity as well as log other important information such as shift data, equipment, vehicles, and monitored locations. It replaces the typical hand-written paper forms.

It provides a strong reporting module for quick statistical reporting or detailed analysis of agency data. Individual and group statements fit budgeting and reporting requirements to justify staffing needs.

Built as a Talon module, Talon Officer Daily leverages existing investments in other Core Technology software products like Talon, TIMS, and MultiBridge. CAD and TIMS incident data as well as LEIN queries auto-populate Talon Officer Daily forms in real-time, minimizing keystrokes, improving accuracy and providing a cross-check for supervisory review.

Officer Daily Features.

    • One Talon username/password
    • Start/End Shift
    • Equipment Information Capture
    • Track Daily Activities (Events, Actions & Time)
    • LEIN/TalonPoint Queries Auto-event Creation
    • ¬†CAD Client En Route Auto-event Creation
    • TIMS Incident Auto-event Creation
    • Supervisory Review Workflow
    • Searching Capabilities
    • Summary & Statistical Reporting