Michigan Core Service Bureau

Core Technology’s Service Bureau (CSB) is a subscription service that provides access to a variety of information sources, without requiring the agency to purchase their own server software. Public Safety agencies that do not have their own access to State of Michigan data may find it cost effective to connect to the Core Technology Service Bureau instead of connecting directly and as a backup for vital information.

The Core Service Bureau offers desktop, car or handheld access to the Michigan Law Enforcement Information System (LEIN) and Talon Incident Management System (TIMS) using Talon® clients. Talon clients offered include interface connection, access to driver’s license images (if available) through MIDIRS and agency Record Managements Systems that participate in the I-Services Gateway.

Talon Desktop, MDC and Mobile Access

    • Access available LEIN forms
    • Save any personal configuration information, including Function key shortcut buttons, Appearance options, and Print settings (only available in Talon Desktop)
    • Form options such as Message beep options, Ability to view own logs and Participate in Who’s Where Messaging with other on-line CSB end users.

Client PC Requirements

    • An Internet connection
    • If clients will be connecting to the Internet via a firewall, confirm port 2030 is open for two-way TCP/IP traffic.
    • A Windows 32-bit Operating System (2000/XP/2003)
    • 256 MB memory or higher (Recommended: 512 MB or higher)
    • 800×600 screen resolution
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher
    • Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4.2 or higher containing Java Web Start. The JRE install can be downloaded from http://java.com.
    • Applet Method: In addition to the JRE, a Java enabled browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, is required. 
    • Make sure all Windows user accounts on the client PCs have read, write and execute access to the c:\ctccore directory.

Account Activation Requirements

    • Approval from CJIS Field Services to access LEIN via the Core Service Bureau
    • Copy of Law Enforcement Agency letterhead (e.g. Police or Sheriff’s Department)
    • Permission by authorized person for your agency’s ORI(s) to be configured on the CSB line
    • Completed CSB Pre-Connection Checklist
    • For individual user subscriptions only (not agency subscription):
      • Copy of LEIN certification document for individual

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