Information Sharing

The Law Enforcement community has made great strides with its use of technology. One of the more important recent developments is that of information sharing. Core Technology’s Talon Suite facilitates real-time information sharing among multiple agencies at local, regional, and state levels though a single query. This has increased productivity and improved officer and public safety. Providing tools that expand upon the information sharing concept are not only necessary to solve crimes, but to find crime trends and help deploy resources at the right place to prevent crimes.

TalonPoint enables real-time sharing of information throughout the public safety community. Its infrastructure allows the public safety community to retain their current databases and platforms, communicate with each system in their native form, and receive results back to a single response screen. This is accomplished by transforming existing data elements into a GJXDM compliant format. It is not necessary that agencies replace their current records and systems with costly new ones.

Crime Analysis
The Talon Crime Analysis tool is an add on feature of TalonPoint.  It assists with analyzing data for patterns for a certain crime class within a specific time frame. The inquiry is initiated by defining the scope (a single agency’s Crime Information Database, a regional Virtual Data Warehouse, or the entire Virtual Data Warehouse for a state).  The data that has been retrieved is exported to a spreadsheet, such as Excel or a mapping tool for trend and pattern assessment.