File Transfer

FileSWEEP/Rapid is the enterprise solution that can meet the needs of today’s high volume enhanced file transfer. The rapid growth of e-business has changed and increased the technical and operational demands to share and move large volumes of data. Our clients realize that they need to partner with a vendor that understands the need to integrate peer-to-peer data sharing capabilities that will meet their needs today and in the future. FileSWEEP/Rapid’s robust automation, authentication, encryption, compression, and integration offer a complete enhanced file transfer software solution.

FileSWEEP/Rapid file transfer software supports the following features on all platforms:

  • Audit Logs to ensure transfer results
  • Authentication of transfer requests
  • Automation of unattended file transfers
  • Compression using the LZW compression algorithm
  • Conversion between various file types  
  • Encryption to ensure that private data remains private
  • File transfer of most file types including ASCII, EBCDIC, binary and more
  • Integration API
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Reliability confirms successful file transfers 
  • Restart technology helps failed transfers recover from the failure point
  • Scheduling is integrated with your existing scheduling software
  • Session based licensing