Data Exchange and Sharing

Data Exchange
Quickly and securely exchange data electronically within your Criminal Justice community. Core’s data exchange ensures you maintain a point of entry and departure for critical information shared among your circle of Criminal Justice partners, including exchanges and updates with your Prosecutor’s Office. The CommandCenter allows an administrator to view  communication traffic, obtain dashboard statistics and drill down in areas of interest.

Import and export modules make data exchange simple. Instead of hand delivering case files to the Prosecutor’s Office, you can electronically send the case file straight from your RMS. Once delivered, case information, like assigned attorney, disposition, etc., received from your Prosecutor’s Office is populated directly into your RMS database.

Our data exchange communication standards are based on the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), the Michigan Data Exchange (Mi-DEx), and the National Data Exchange (N-DEx). It is compliant with FBI and State CJIS security policy requirements for end-to-end security and encryption of information.

Available data exchange solutions from Core Technology:
* TDEx for Law Enforcement
* TDEx for Prosecutors

Data Sharing
Core’s data sharing solution allows participating agencies to query each other’s law enforcement data systems and have the results returned to a single client application.  It provides real-time, secure access across heterogeneous systems from a single client access point.  From one query, you can access information from multiple systems.  It can be configured to access information from any participating agency, allowing for local and regional data sharing.  This ensures that you get an accurate and complete picture from queries run.

Available data sharing solution from Core Technology:
* TalonPoint

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