Core Service Bureau

In addition to the traditional software license model, Core Technology provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model via the Core Service Bureau.  The Core Service Bureau is a subscription service that provides access to a variety of criminal justice applications and connectivity to a variety of information sources.  The Core Service Bureau provides connectivity to state law enforcement systems such as LEIN in Michigan and LEADS in Ohio. 

Small agencies that do not have their own access to state systems may find it cost effective to connect to the Core Service Bureau instead of connecting directly or through another agency.  An agency simply needs an internet connection to access the Core Service Bureau eliminating the need and cost of server hardware and software.

Besides state systems, the Core Service Bureau provides access to third party systems and data repositories such records management systems (RMS).  For example, the DDP Police Services’ DDP Data Warehouse is hosted at the Core Service Bureau.

Whether large or small, the Core Technology Service Bureau can help law enforcement personnel arm themselves with the information they need to protect and serve.

Michigan Core Service Bureau
Ohio NORIS Core Service Bureau

Information and Pricing
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