Core Technology offers software products to allow secure, electronic communication between different police officers, dispatchers, and other public safety personnel. These communication tools allow both email and instant messaging capabilities from within the Talon client software. Users need not be within the same agency as police officers and dispatchers can see other Talon users online and communicate directly with them. This allows better, faster communication across multiple jurisdictions.

Talon Mail
Talon Mail is a highly secure email solution specifically for public safety personnel.  Built into Talon, it provides an alternative to Who’s Where Instant Messaging.  It allows users to send messages and attachments to both on and off duty personnel.  Users are limited to contacting other Talon users; providing protection and security.

Security features of Talon Mail include:

  • Users can only send messages to other Talon users.
  • Talon Mail is not available to standard email accounts outside of Talon and MultiBridge.
  • Uses 256-bit TLS encryption using the AES standard provided by Phaos SSLava.
  • Phaos AES cryptographic algorithms are FIPS 140-2 validated.
  • All communications are encrypted end-to-end and encryption is always used regardless of the network.
  • A user’s mail cannot be viewed by other users.
  • Since the mail feature is part of Talon, it uses the same multi-factor authentication used for LEIN data and access control that is required  for secure access to law enforcement data.
  • It does not use the email protocol.  Talon Mail uses the same secure communication method that is used by Talon to talk to MultiBridge.

Instant Messaging
Who’s Where Messaging allows for secure communication between a single user, groups of users or all users on the MultiBridge Enterprise Edition communications server.  This messaging system can be utilized across an entire public safety enterprise – police, fire, and EMS.  Messages can be sent to individuals and/or groups, and broadcast messages can be sent from dispatch.

When phone lines are down and radios are overwhelmed, Who’s Where Messaging helps you mobilize and respond effectively to whatever the situation.   Secure and reliable, it also allows logging and auditing for your car-to-car messaging needs.