Talon Call For Service

Talon Call for Service (CFS) is a software product that  provides agencies with a basic computer-aided dispatch system (CAD). It is a straight-forward tool to guide users through initiating and recording information that begins with a phone call from a citizen, dispatch or originates from personnel in the field.  As a part of  the Talon software suite, CFS is built into the same application with one login and one password, integrates with Talon Incident Management System (TIMS) and supports mobile with Talon MDC.

It’s competitively priced with multiple implementation options to fit every agency.  Agencies can leverage their existing Core Technology investment in software products like Talon, TIMS and MultiBridge.  Future releases give agencies additional features and functionality to better meet overall call for service needs.

Talon CFS is loaded with critical features and functionality.  Call queue, one screen data entry, type ahead ability, auto time stamping and call number assignment save critical time and increase accuracy. Unit Call Status and Call Detail Views provide vital information in a comprehensive, organized manner. Administrative Review and Reports provide an opportunity for evaluation and improvement.