Talon Authentication Matrix

Core Technology is proud to announce a new solution to the challenge of meeting the new CJIS security requirements for user identification and authentication. To simplify the process, Core will be delivering a simple but effective step of the standard user logon process.

Leverage Your Existing Investment.
Designed as an add-on Talon module, Talon Authentication Matrix increases the value of your current Core Technology software products Talon and MultiBridge.

Increase Security – Usercode/Password + Unique Code.
The Talon Authentication Matrix solution replaces more user challenging options, such as carrying a key fob, struggling with a fingerprint reader or recalling yet another password.

It meets the most recently published CJIS FBI Security Policy by incorporating an inert token in which the user locates characters in a matrix which match their predefined pattern. Each login utilizes a unique composition, resulting in a different Code, thereby creating a single-use login code.

Save Money.
Talon Authentication Matrix is reasonably priced when compared to expensive solutions such as RSA tokens or biometric devices and software.

Advanced Authentication Features:

    • Budget Smart
    • Simple Add-on to Talon
    • User-friendly
    • Meets CJIS FBI Security Policy Requirements
    • Supports multiple device types & Talon platforms
    • Excellent Customer Support

Talon Advanced Authentication is simply another authentication type in MultiBridge